SEO: Own Domain vs. Blog Hosting

In the first part of the series SEO – first steps it comes to the question of whether to host his blog itself or on providers, such as Blogger should fall back. As so often, it comes down to what you want. Let us first of all of the optical component. A blog like bloggerabc has its own domain, looks at first sight “professional” from. Because someone has made ​​the effort to secure the domain and pay. That someone has so invested money and wants to run his blog with a degree of “professionalism”.

Standing advantages with its own domain

So your own domain provides a professional appearance and is trusted. However, the latter must be proved by the content and the appearance of the blog to the outside. Otherwise, there are no reputation, and thus incurred no confidence in the blog and the operator. In my opinion, confidence is the highest good that a person, an organization (I am thinking also companies) and a product can have.

* I use the term deliberately in quotes. Because I assume anyone that he does not want to do the same with his blog. Basically everyone is for his decision not to have your own domain, have his reasons.

Better ranking is questionable

Another reason that speaks for your own domain is that Google these climbs supposedly better. However, I’m not sure if that’s true. I did a lot of research plus found no concrete evidence that supports this claim. If anyone here have any information, please write to me. Happy as a comment. Personally, I’ve decided to have my own domain, because I have the idea of ​​professionalism.

Seriousness and professionalism I have to prepare myself. I have made ​​the first step with my own domain. One point I do not want to embezzle. A dedicated host is not only professionalism to the outside. It also means that you have to take care of his blog. One, I think, very good and detailed article there is to it on Robert Weller describes very vividly where the pros and cons of selbstgehosteten blogs.