How do I move a blog with blogspot to custom domain?

Is it worth it to carry blogspot blog with a personal domain?

Those of you who regularly enough comes to this blog probably noticed that he was for some time now he has found his personal domain name and published on a personal second-level domain. RU, and not the subdomain

“Why do I need to transfer a blog on personal domain?” – You ask.

There are several reasons, but the main is that the blog has a personal domain, more opportunities to earn money. With these blogs are more willing to exchange links, articles and guards with them, too, and you can sell links. In addition, not all advertising platforms are ready to work with blogs to the subdomain. So if you have seriously decided to monetize your project, it is better to buy a domain name and began to publish on your own domain. In addition, short and sonorous domain names are easier to remember and, according to unconfirmed reports, the search engines are more “love”.

And yet,

How to move from blogspot to your own domain?

While moving in the internet options described a great many, I allow myself to offer its own, given the fact that many readers of this blog have only recently begun to conduct their electronic journals and many of the concepts and even the names are for them a mystery. Therefore, it makes no sense at this stage to go into all the theoretical niceties, I’ll just show you how to connect your personal domain on a concrete example, and knowing “what buttons to push,” You will soon themselves easily figure everything out. So, I suggest you step by step instructions.

So, the first thing to do – is to register liked domain name for your blog in an accredited registrar. This is done by using the services of partners Google (Google domain registration itself is not involved), but … this service is available only in English, so that if the English “to you”, it is not necessary to communicate and, in addition, domain registration for the year will fall $ 10.

In the Russian segment of the Internet can be found in 3 times cheaper.