Change the administrator and domain transfer in the area

Domain is again today faced with the question about transfer of the domain in the zone ru. Started to recreate a detailed study of earlier material, I thought that it is possible to solve the problem a little easier, but again reduced to a paper letter to the registrar.

What, one wonders, these wacky complexity? Today honored somewhere thought that it prevents theft domains – more like a nonsense, because I doubt very much if wishing to withdraw domain in the zone com less. But there’s not busy with these pieces of paper, notaries, trips to the office – where it all once again the desire to complicate, do not understand. Actually, now had to deal with the transfer of one Ukrainian domain zone, where everything is much easier to fuss around ru-nis. I will tell you some of the details of the process. You can also find some valuable information for this topic here – folheto lidl.

So far, only the second time domain stands between different registrars, so maybe there is some hidden and yet unexplored nuances, although I still try to tell as much detail as it was for me. Generally, if I understood correctly, the whole process boils down to two simple steps:

After that initialize the transfer of the second registrar.

In the process may be different nuances that sort of depends largely from the registrar. So the first thing when you transfer the domain I would recommend to contact support to where you arrange your domain. If your case will be the same as my examples, feel free to use the following published algorithms.

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